Why a medical aid matters.

“If you don’t make time for your wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for your illness.”

Canadian wellness educator, Joyce Sanunda, coined this phrase, and it resonates with us at Mediplus.

In the past 18 months, the world has been intently focussed on health, healthcare, and healthcare providers. We are suddenly acutely aware of our own wellbeing and have seen how easily this can change. Now, more than ever, maintaining your health and building a robust immune system is paramount.

How will Mediplus help me to thrive?

If you have a trusted and comprehensive medical aid, it takes the sting out of visiting the doctor when you or a loved one are feeling unwell. Mediplus can foot the bill! An important and often overlooked part of the wellness journey is having a good relationship with your General Practitioner (GP). Having a good, honest relationship with a GP that you trust, is step one on the journey to a healthier you.

Choose your healthcare partners wisely.

Having a strong bond with one regular doctor can benefit your health in numerous ways. When you find a doctor who fits your personality and communication style, the benefits include:


  • Your doctor understands your medical history and gives you personalised advice and recommendations.
  • Your doctor knows of any allergies, co-morbidities, and can adjust treatment plans to suit you.
  • Because your doctor knows your history, she can easily pick up on symptoms that might be missed by others, helping you get a quicker diagnosis.
    (This is particularly important when it comes to diseases like cancer and autoimmune disease.)

The importance of a bond with your doctor also extends beyond that of general practitioner and patient. A dentist who sees you annually can easily fix a cavity before you need a root canal. An optometrist who annually examines your eyes can let you know if your lifestyle is impacting your eyesight before it becomes a crisis.

Having a good medical aid with the right benefits to suit your overall health and lifestyle is important on your own journey towards achieving optimal health.
Mediplus offers a range of benefit options to suit your budget and fit in to the plan you have for your life.

Prevention is better than cure!

Regular check-ups ensure that warnings signs never go unnoticed. It has been proven that early detection programmes, that utilize statistics from various health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, waist measurements, and body mass index (BMI), play a big part in combatting lifestyle diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Screening tests ordered by your doctor on an annual basis can highlight future medical problems and will allow you to change your lifestyle before it is too late. In this way, you can avoid disruptive and expensive emergency medical treatments in future and live a longer, healthier and ultimately happier life.

Medical aid gives you the freedom of knowledge.

By giving you affordable access to doctors, before your health becomes a crisis, Mediplus medical aid sets you free from the stresses of trying to manage your health journey on your win. With the freedom of knowledge, you can take control of your own health journey and ensure that you make informed decisions for yourself and your family.

Medical aid gives you the freedom of knowledge.

Parenting can be difficult even under the best circumstances. Adding illness into the mix, makes it a nearly impossible task! You no longer have to obsess about the health of your child, unsure if they are reaching their milestones, or if that cough should be looked at. In Mediplus medical aid you have an affordable and reliable parenting-partner, giving you access to focused healthcare professionals to guide you through the chaos of early childhood.


By having a good relationship with the right doctors, you can ensure that your child thrives. Making parenthood a joyful experience and ensuring that you have a happy, healthy child – ready to get the most out of life.

Why is Mediplus the right medical aid for me?

Through our Plus 1, Plus 2, Plus 3 or Multiplus benefit programmes you get access to:


  • Doctors’ visits,
  • Emergency room visits and emergency treatments,
  • Emergency transportation,
  • Prescription medication (Chronic as well as Acute,)
  • Over-the-counter medication,
  • Vaccinations for children and adults,
  • In-Hospital treatments,
  • Mental health care (including in-hospital treatment),
  • Pregnancy, birth, and infant care (including premature birth care),
  • Dental care,
  • Eye care,
  • Oncology,
  • Various preventative and diagnostic procedures and treatments as prescribed by a doctor.


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