To love your health is to love your life



Take your fingertips and have a good look at them and when you do take in the fact that there’s a world out there that can literally be conquered and touched by you at any given time. Social and sports activities, family time, school, work, working out – these are all possibilities that can and should be enjoyed for a fulfilling and healthy life. And because we only have one life, we must grasp it and live it now!



Make your first move now
It’s quite a journey to maintain your health and wellness, but the best part is that this journey is yours alone to take. It doesn’t have to be about achieving targets or beating others because the journey is not about competing against friend or foe nor is it about taking on anyone else you may admire.


The journey to a healthier lifestyle, which will lead to you loving your body and yourself, is about you. It belongs to you and it’s something you need to do for yourself. It’s unique and cannot be shared because what works for the one does not necessarily work for the other.


A long-term health and wellness program is about finding the combination of healthy habits, putting them together as best as you can, and make them work for you. Such an initiative is about challenging your mind to innovative ideas, new concepts and testing if this is really what you like and want.



You only get one body so love it
Obesity is on the rise. This is a fact! But discriminating against people who live in a larger body is not ok! It can have a lifelong impact on those who are larger than average.


But the fact remains that obesity is a killer and those who are severely overweight need to take control of their bodies for a more productive, healthier, and enjoyable life.


So, how does someone in this position do this? Primarily, you need to accept who and what you are. Acceptance is half the battle won because it makes you realise that something needs to be done. Accept that you are overweight and need to take back control. Accept that you need to put in a greater effort to get healthy again.


Secondly, believe in yourself! Whatever is (of has been) said about you is none of your business. Others’ opinions of you and your goals should not be your concern either. Take back the power and start taking back control of your physic for the sake of a long, fulfilling life.


Thirdly, start slowly. You didn’t gain all the weight overnight, and you cannot expect to lose it in that period either. Remember the faster you lose, the harder it is to keep off. Steady weight loss of approximately one to two kilograms a week is the goal. This can be achieved by watching your diet (speak to a doctor about the best options for you) as well as becoming more active.


This brings us to our fourth point – exercise. A swear word for some, but a life saver for many. When most people hear the word exercise their minds raise back to PT class when they were in Gr6 and the mean PT teacher made them run nauseating laps around the rugby field. Get that picture out of your head! It does not have to be like that. To start off, take it slow. Work your way to improved fitness. Walk for 15 minutes in the first week, then increase that to 20 and pretty soon you will be doing an hour of speed walking without breaking too much of a sweat. It’s logical. The more you move, the more you lose, the fitter you get.


Loving your body and taking excellent care of it should never be seen as a chore that must be done. It should always be a decision taken by yourself, for yourself! It’s a choice you make to live the best life possible.

Believe with all your heart that you deserve it and the rest will come easy!