Technology is developing at a rapid clip, and living in 2017 means having to keep up with constant updates on all your devices – including your phone, laptop, PC, tablet and smart TV. As such, many people wonder whether they really need to add to this extensive line-up by investing in a smart fitness device.

While there is a lot to be said from unplugging every now and again to enjoy the benefits of a screen-free day or two, we do believe that fitness tech is a great investment for individuals who want to crank up the volume on their fitness goals, as well as beginners who need a helping hand to get started. Here are a few ways in which investing in wearable fitness tech will improve your lifestyle and assist you in living the active dream:


There’s nothing quite like cold, hard numbers to get you motivated to do your thing, whether that’s running, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, surfing, paddle-boarding or speed walking. No matter which sport or activity you choose to enjoy, seeing your progress in terms of distance and endurance in chart form offers great motivation to keep going and continually improve your personal best.


Having a trackable log of all your active pursuits means you’ll be able to notice patterns. Think of it like a little journal that keeps tabs of all the ways in which you take care of yourself. E.g. you might notice that you tend to ditch your workouts in favour of early mornings at the office when you overextend yourself at work, which might lead to seeking a better work/life balance. Or you could notice that your time on a certain stretch of road is not quite up to standard because there were lots of climbs and descends, which could motivate you to work on your endurance by adding strength training to your repertoire.


Aside from tracking your activity, wearable tech now also has the potential to keep you safe while you train outdoors. There are apps available that work with smartwatches or ‘smart tags’ (a discrete, wearable device which pairs with your smartphone), continuously broadcasting critical information, including location, speed of travel and audio collected from your smartphone, so your network can instantly provide life-saving information to first responders.

These are just a few of the benefits of smart personal fitness devices. The short of the long is that it has the potential to make health and fitness a priority in your life, but it all depends on how you use it. Evaluate your needs, find a device in an affordable price bracket that ticks most of your boxes, and give it a go! At the very least you’ll have another reason to skip the snooze button in the morning and get out there to get your heart pumping.