New Year’s resolutions that you can maintain


A new year is viewed by many as a new beginning. It often signifies setting health targets, for instance, losing weight, sticking firmly to a healthier diet, and embarking on a regular exercise routine.

It is nonetheless often that one’s commitment to improved health and wellness wanes mostly because the methods opted for are limiting or unsustainable. This results in most people simply giving up on their resolutions within a few weeks only to make similar ones a year later.

To break this habit, it’s important to make resolutions that can be maintained and improved, not only for immediate benefits, but for an improved lifestyle in the long-term.

Have more whole foods
An extremely easy and most effective way to improve overall health is to have more whole foods. Adding vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fish is adding an infinity of nutrients that the body needs to function at optimal level. Increasing whole foods to your diet can be done in a slow and constant manner. If you are not a regular eater of vegetables, start by adding a single portion of your favorite vegetable to your diet every day.

Sit for shorter periods and move more
Whether you have a sedentary job or are simply just too inactive, a vast number of people sit longer than they should. Sitting for extended periods can have negative effects on anybody’s health. It can in fact relate to an increased risk of overall mortality. Deciding to “sit for shorter periods and move more” is an easy and attainable resolution that can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. If your job is to sit at a desk for most of the day, make a resolution to go for a 20-minute walk during your lunch break. Alternatively stand up and make body movements every hour to boost blood circulation and bring life back into your body.

Avoid sweetened drinks
Avoiding sweetened beverages is smart. Sugary drinks are linked to obesity, heart disease, a fatty liver and insulin resistance which are all conditions related to poor health. If you cannot go cold-turkey and stop drinking these unhealthy brews altogether at least commit to minimising your daily intake and soon you may have kicked the habit forever.

Enjoy longer periods outdoors
By spending more time outdoors, you can improve your health by relieving stress, elevating your mood, and lowering your blood pressure. Deciding to spend more time outdoors is a sustainable goal as everyone can do it regardless of where you live or work or what age you are. Take a stroll during your lunch break, go for a weekend hike, go camping with family or friends or do some gardening. The choices are endless.

Don’t depend on convenience foods
One of the most common modern-day dependencies is the addiction to convenience foods, such as readily available meals and fast food. Yes, these choices may be very tasty and are there ready to be eaten without effort, but they are detrimental to your health if eaten on a regular basis. Avoid at all costs the consumption of convenience foods by making the resolution to prepare more meals at home using healthier ingredients.

Although most New Year’s resolutions are kept for a very short period, the healthy resolutions mentioned above are a sustainable means in the improvement of your physical and emotional health which should make part of your life. By creating a relationship with healthier foods and looking after your body and mind with great care you can improve your health and mind in many ways.