The Mediplus Maternity Program helps you proactively plan for the wellbeing of yourself and your baby. Each pregnancy is unique and should be a joyful and exciting experience. Mediplus is there to take care of you through each step of your pregnancy journey. Your pregnancy must be registered with us at least 6 weeks before your due date. You have up to 30 days to register your new-born as a dependant with us. You can have the peace of mind that your new bundle of joy will be covered under your Mediplus protection from day one, without any condition specific exclusions.

You will only receive your gift bag once your baby is a registered Mediplus dependant.

If you do not register your baby within 30 days from birth, any claims towards your baby will not be covered by Mediplus. If any claims were paid during the first 30 days after delivery, the member will be held liable.

The minimum period for membership for your newborn is 12 calendar months, while you are an active member of Mediplus.

In Hospital Benefits

(Includes all medical services such as radiology, pathology, physiotherapy, specialist or GP consultations, etc.)

Natural birth and C-Section.

Complications during the ante-natal period & childbirth (mother in-hospital).

New-born hospitalization.

Premature / preterm birth infant care (limited days as per specific benefit option).

Day-to-day Benefits

Prenatal consultations (Pregnancy consultation)

Ultrasounds (Pregnancy scans 2D)

Pre-natal pathology (Included in pathology limit or Pool/Savings)

Subject to the rules, and terms and conditions of Mediplus, specific benefit option, pre-registration and sliding scale.

Application forms to register your pregnancy and/or to add new dependents are available on our website. Just visit our Member Login page, log in with your membership number and password. Download the forms and once completed you can send it to:


Application to register a


Application to register a new

You need to pre-authorise your planned hospital admission for the delivery of your baby to avoid co-payments. A co-payment of 20% will apply if a hospital admission is not pre-authorised. Obtain your hospital pre-authorization number from the Mediplus Call Centre: +258 21 417 938 / 933 / 944 / 935 prior to your admission.


Information needed to apply for the pre-authorisation:

  • Membership number
  • Details of the patient
  • Details of the hospital
  • Details of the procedure
  • Date of your admission