How to prepare for emergency medical service while on Holiday


Going to a new destination on holiday is exciting, but it can be equally daunting especially when it comes to emergency healthcare and assistance. There is little more troubling than the thought of being on your dream family vacation and a wrench is thrown into the works in the form of a stomach bug, a broken bone or something far more serious. It’s enough to make you feel ill!

So, to avoid any major panic and disaster, it’s essential to plan for emergency medical assistance while on holiday. Before you set off it’s advisable to find out exactly what your health insurance does and does not cover while en route to, and at, your chosen destination. Call your health insurance company or broker and ask specific questions related to all those covered under your insurance. Demand a comprehensive explanation and even go as far as requesting it in writing.

Secondly, make a list of medical service providers listed in the area that you will be vacationing in. Most health insurance companies have pretty decent websites that allow you to login and look up healthcare providers in specific regions. Alternatively, do an Internet search of the area you will be staying in and make a list of medical centres and practitioners. This list should include hospitals, immediate care centres and physicians and can either be saved under the ‘Notes’ App of your cell phone, or alternatively you can email it to yourself. If you’re old school writing it on a notebook and keep it in a safe, convenient and easily accessible place is also an option. 

If the Internet is not really an option for you (we all have our challenges) another alternative is to check with the reception of the facility you are holidaying at. Most venues have this information on hand as peace-of-mind is their primary goal when it comes to guests.

Thirdly, when conducting your research, it is vital to be aware of travel warnings. Check for travel alerts or health precautions for your destination (if there are any) and prepare for this.

What if you’re emergency ends up being simple, something like a prescription refill or the sniffles? Sure, you may need to see a doctor, but you won’t need a trip to Urgent Care. The best advice in this scenario is make sure you take a list of your medications with you, as well as a copy of the prescription so that you can get an emergency top up or refill at any pharmacy or healthcare centre in the area.

Being prepared for medical emergencies is essential for your upcoming holiday as it will not only give you peace of mind but may prevent major panic in the event of something going wrong. So, get organised, stay connected and enjoy your holiday.