First-Aid Essentials You Should Be Taking On Holiday



Making your way on holiday with the family over the festive season? Happy days! There is nothing like a relaxed vacation with all your nearest and dearest to recharge for the new year that lies ahead. If you’re leaving home for a week or two to go to the beach or enjoy an active adventure, it always helps to restock your first-aid kit before you hit the road.

Here are a few first-aid essentials you should be taking on holiday:

Miscellaneous dressings & anti-septic solutions

These are a must-have for minor cuts and grazes. Antiseptic sprays or wipes are very handy when you’re in the go. Also be sure to stock up on a variety of plasters, bandages and gauze dressings, as well as medical tape, surgical gloves and antiseptic cream. A gel burn dressing is another must-have for minor burns and scalds.

Cutting & securing tools

These are your scissors, tweezers and safety pins for cutting and bandages, removing splinters, etc. If you’ll be flying, remember to pack these items in your main luggage; it won’t be allowed in your carry-on.

Sun protection & rehydration options

If you’ll be spending time outside with your family (which you are more than likely to in sunny SA), you need to take along plenty of sunscreen – ideally with a sun protection factor of 30+. Add some soothing after-sun lotion or Aloe Vera to calm overexposed skins, as well as rehydration sachets or liquids to combat heat stroke.

Pain medication & antihistamines

Nothing ruins a holiday faster than a headache or sinus congestion. Be sure to pack plenty of paracetamol to combat general aches, pains and fever; as well as an over-the-counter antihistamine in tablet or syrup form to reduce itchiness and inflammation caused by insect bites, etc.

These are just a few of the essentials you should have in your first-aid kit this summer. For a full list, visit your closest pharmacy and ask your friendly local pharmacist to help you compile a full kit.

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