Fall in love with our new Mediplus Android App

(iOS mobile application currently still in testing phase)

25 /02/2020

With most of us spending more than three hours a day on our mobile devices it makes sense to use smartphones or tablets to manage our healthcare and benefits. In keeping up with the digital migration trend, Mediplus has launched the Mediplus Mobile App which gives you access to extensive information relating to your personal information, health benefits and more.



It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s smart! One tap and you will not only save time but be delighted by all the information available in the palm of your hand.



Using the App is very simple – so simple in fact that even those affectionately known as BBT’s (Born Before Technology) can easily navigate through the fully digital platform.



The Mediplus App has a multitude of benefits, with the biggest one being that it puts the management of your medical aid in your hands. Have access today! Download it from the Google Play Store (iOS coming soon), follow the prompts and within minutes you will be able to take care of your most-valuable asset – your health.



Besides having immediate access to your personal details, the App provides an updated list of affiliated clinics, hospitals and other medical professionals. Stay informed, view your annual limits and available balances as claims are processed.  



The Mediplus App is designed to suit all our members and is available in English and Portuguese. It’s ease of use makes it equally ideal for tech-savvy individuals as well as the more technologically challenged among us. Download it today and you’ll never want to go old-school again!



How to use the Mediplus App:

  1. Download the Mediplus App from Google Play Store;
  2. Register using your member details and email address;
  3. Enter a strong password;
  4. The App will send a confirmation email to your email address. Confirm it is you by logging into the App from the received email;
  5. Once on the App, edit the profile of the main member and all dependants;
    Save all the details and take control of your medical aid benefits, usage and information.