Looking for a way to boost your wellbeing and vitality without changing your diet too much? It’s all about making small, sustainable adjustments to your lifestyle that will add up to substantial changes over time. Here are a few easy food swops that provide the building blocks for healthier meals without changing the basic flavour profiles and satisfactory taste of your go-to meals.

Baby spinach VS iceberg lettuce

Looking for a way to amp up the taste and nutritional value of your salads? Simply swop out your basic iceberg lettuce for baby spinach. You’ll get the same herbaceous base, but there is a lot more flavour to the spinach, plus you’ll be getting a hearty helping of vitamin K & A, calcium, and iron to boot.

Full-cream yogurt VS sour cream

Get all the creamy goodness at a fraction of the fat by swopping out sour cream for full-cream yogurt in wraps, on nachos and more. Besides cutting down on your fat intake, you’ll also be increasing your protein for the day – double whammy!

Homemade salsa VS creamy store-bought dips

Having a few people around to watch the game? Swop out the creamy store-bought dips that normally go with game-day chips for some fresh homemade salsa. Experiment with different flavours and wow your crowd with a few tasty dips like tomato, red onion and coriander, or charred corn, jalapenos and lime juice. Here are a few more recipes as inspiration.

Roasted chickpeas VS chips

Speaking of chips, it might be time to ditch that snacking habit as well. Commercially prepared potato chips contain a whole lot of fat and not much else. If you do feel the need to snack on something savoury, pop a tin of drained chickpeas on a greased baking plate, sprinkle with paprika (or your herb of choice) and roast it until slightly crispy. You’ll get the same savoury goodness, but the protein content and fibre are way up, while the fat is a lot less.

Oatmeal VS sugary cereal

Cereal may be convenient when you have to grab breakfast on the go, but it doesn’t do much to stabilise your blood sugar throughout the morning. Those refined carbs are metabolised at a drop of a hat, leaving you with a sugar buzz and eventual crash that has the potential to derail a productive morning. Enjoy some oats instead and ride the feel-good wave of sustained energy until snack time. If you don’t have time to make a cooked bowl in the morning, try one of these overnight oats recipes. It’s easy to make and very convenient to grab on your way out the door in the morning.

These are just a few of the easy food swops you can make to enjoy healthier meals that will boost your overall vitality. Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months as we share more advice on living your life to the fullest.