You have to love living in the digital age. While many people are in a bit of a huff about adults and kids spending too much time on their devices instead of doing things outdoors, we prefer to look on the bright side – there are also a whole bunch of digital innovations that makes it all the more fun to be active!

Here are two cool fitness apps to try this summer. Load it on your smart phone, plug in your earphones and get ready for a whole new world of fitness discovery!

Running for Weight Loss

If you have always wanted to run, but could never figure out how to get started, this is the app for you. Most people make the mistake of trying to run a full five kilometres when they start out, which results in strained muscles and quite a few knocks to the ego when you find yourself panting like a fish out of water after the first 500 metres. The Running for Weight Loss app breaks it down in manageable goals, and you won’t even have to plot it out for yourself.

All you do is plug in your headphones, choose a playlist (it comes preloaded, so you just have to pick a genre you enjoy) and listen to your digital trainer. They will tell you when to run, when to walk and when to sprint (don’t worry, the sprinting only starts about five weeks in). Best of all – you only have to set aside time for three sessions a week! If you stick to the programme you will be able to run 5km after ten weeks, and then you can graduate to the 10km running programme after that if you feel like it.

TOP TIP: There is also a Walking for Weight Loss app if you want to start a little slower. Or, if you feel like going the whole hog and getting a little strength training in when you’re done with your cardio, you could bolster your workout with Fitness for Weight Loss, a video-based app that tailors your daily workout to how much time you have available (and you don’t even need fancy equipment!).

Asana Rebel

The Asana Rebel app is tailormade for people who want to enjoy the benefits of yoga without having to pay an arm or a leg for a membership at a yoga studio, or have the time to go for a full hour-long class three times a week. This app allows you to do your poses wherever you are (home, work, at the park) in short ten-minute bursts. It’s a great bite-size approach to the art of yoga that could eventually get you hooked to the point where you want to join a studio. So, go ahead – try it out!

These are two of the countless fitness apps available for use on Apple and Android devices. Take the time to look around on your app store; you’ll find many more. The trick to having fun while you exercise is to find something you enjoy doing, so play around until you find that activity that has you jumping out of bed in the morning, raring to go and biting at the bit to get your heart pumping. You’ll never look back!